Identities, but no "e-mail" ?


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I am just wondering why we have at "Identities" all kind of services like "Google Talk", "MSN", "Skype", etc. showing up, but there is no field for the user to display his "E-mail address".

Insn`t an Email-address also an "Identity" ?

All my users are entering their "E-mail address" into the "About You"-field.

Of course all of us want our members to go through the "Personal Conversations" channel, and we do not want to have users to show their e-mail-addresses publicly.

However, why do we want users being able to show their "Identities" like Skype, but not show their "E-mail-address"?

I do know I could create such a field on my own, but I am just wondering what is the thought behind this design ?