Ideas from Custom Mods at


At we are using Vbulletin and have had a few things built for us that we would love to see be standard on a community platform.

Paid Subscription
  • We have a subscription area of the site that people pay with paypal or - So it should have the ability to do a paid subscription.
We have a discounts mod that provides multiple ways of advertising the site such as:
  • 1 week trial with a code (time is completely variable depending on what we are doing)
  • Percentage discount on the subscription with a code
  • Each of these allows you to target a specific subscription set
  • Referal system (our users get an extra week to their paid subscription if they refer a friend)
  • For the love of all that is holy... why vbulletin didn't integrate any option of hosting your own media is beyond me. Linking to youtube is great and all, if you don't care about controlling your content, don't have a profit driven video, and don't mind the 10 minute limit. I also loved being able to ftp up a directory full of videos to my own server with FTP rather than one at a time and hoping it didn't time out on youtube...
    • We are delivering 10TB of data per month and didn't want to pay a CMS to deliver our videos. Granted the custom solution is way better than what would have come with the software, but anything would have been great to get us started. We ended up starting with vbtube for 2 months till the custom one got created.
New Page Creation
  • vBa CMPS You know what it is, nothing to say except it is neccesary. That being said, I found out about you from vbadvanced, so sure it won't be long before it is up and running for this too.
  • We didn't use a custom solution but used "Tabs vbSoporte" That really SHOULD have been built into the program from the start
Ad banners
  • Another thing no serious forum program should ignore is an integrated ad delivery system. We don't use them at our site, but will once we get around to finding appropriate sponsors.