XF 2.2 Exclude Header and Footer from Custom Template?

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I've been reading around and a lot of what I found was a few years old, so I wanted to be sure. Am I correct in assuming that there's no real way to create a custom page in xenForo that doesn't the header and footer elements? I remember in vB3 this was fairly easy simply by removing some template code. But it looks like any template you create when using Node Pages just includes the menu and footer by default and there's not way to remove that without doing some custom coding?

I have a node that is returning some data from an API, and I'd like for that info to appear in a smaller popup window without the full forum menu and stuff showing.
Yes you can create a style and remove the header and footer from template page_container and use that on a custom page. You just assign that style to the page mode in settings (might be in the advanced setting)
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You can create a container template and then instruct your page to use that instead of the default PAGE_CONTAINER.

If your custom container template is YOUR_CUSTOM_CONTAINER:
<xf:page option="template">YOUR_CUSTOM_CONTAINER</xf:page>
I only need the header and footer stripped out for now, but I'll likely want a custom container somewhere down the road, so I'll keep that in mind. But this'll work for these purposes. Thanks, guys.

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