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If I'm not mistaken, people love to debate on forums. It happens a lot on our site and we've a dedicated debate section as well. Now, debates are boring in the traditional forum style threads. Instead, why not have the debate responses displayed in two columns say 'For' & 'Against'?

So, inside the debate section, we'll have two columns where people's responses will be displayed. The posts in both these columns will be pushed at the top depending upon the number of 'likes' they get. This could be real time to make it even better ;)

The person typing a response will be able to select whether the post is 'for' or 'against' through a radio button.

Just an idea - I'm sure the design and coding experts here will be able to make a great add-on out of it (and offer it for free to me :D )

Digital Doctor

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Excellent idea.
When I criticize all forum software ever made as "horrible" because of the lack of structure of Threads ... this would be an example of a content-specific data structure that could could bring online communities back to life and get people off facebook.

[Idea tweak]
- the most liked responses make it to the top of the list.

Question: How might the other side "respond to" / "refute" the other side's assertions ? ie. how might Reply be incorporated into a Debate thread.

FWIW, I am not sure if it still exists ... but researching this idea (about 7 years ago) I came across a modified php forum that was making debate structures. I watched it for a few years ... but it never was completed.

I don't think Wordpress has anything like this either. I didn't look hard mind you.

The Internets is still a crude tool.


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People will still be able to 'quote' the point (post) they want to agree/disagree with. So normal Xenforo quotes may work just the way they are. Essentially, only the way posts are displayed in a thread is changed. This may even implement 'infinite scrolling' concept that I see in most of the modern websites.

That said, I just had a crude idea that I wanted to share. This of course can be made more robust and intuitive based on experiences and ideas. But that said, I guarantee that forum members will absolutely love it!


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Okay so I frequent this deals forum and their 2nd post (which most people use for ad space) is actually used to quote most recent posts. <--- example (scroll down past first post you'll see "recent replies")

If you go to and see their discussion you'll see some of them have thread comments that are featured above their first post (or at least used to. I haven't been in a while)

I think we could make this work for a 2nd post instead of first post.
You want to preserve the original posters purpose for the thread. Then highlight the main debate?

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I already have an addon designed for this but much more intensive and way more detailed in it's functionality...just waiting for a coder to handle the parts I can't...I talked to someone but I can't remember who. Hopefully I get it done...otherwise I will leave it to you guys.
Any luck ?