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XF 1.5 Icons instead of Avatars on Alerts?


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That is what i wanted to achieve on the alert system. I find it confusing, specially when you have many alerts to read when you pop on the forum in question, it's hard to distinguish likes / replies / quotes, etc... and get to the ones you want to click on, as replies/quotes.

So i wondered, why are the avatars there so important? Why not replace them with fontawesome Icons, showing something that makes distinguish the type of alert much easier?

And here i am, asking if someone knows a way to achieve this. If this isn't something that simple, you consider a mod request maybe?



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I really like this idea actually. If there was a way to somehow generate a class to the list item depending on what type of alert it is, it would make it really simple to do with FA.


(just don't know how to do the hard part :D )


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Couldn't you assign a class to the popup alert?

{xen:phrase x_quoted_your_post_in_thread_y,
    'name={xen:helper username, $user, 'subject'}',
    'title=<a href="{xen:link posts, $content}" class="PopupItemLink">{xen:helper threadPrefix, $content}{$content.title}</a>'}
That is being quoted, the alert that pops up... the template. Just add "alertQuotedPost" after -or before- PopupItemLink, right?

Am I right in thinking this?