XF 1.2 "classic" thread icons option instead of avatars

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So I'm getting closer and closer to upgrading from vBulletin. However, there are a few things I'll need to solve before I can make the jump. Some of my members have grown accustomed to the classic vbulletin thread icon system... as opposed to Xenforo avatars on the thread list. I hacked the vb board to show avatars some time ago, but some members still like the class view, and I've kept that as an option.

When I say classic view I mean this: http://i.imgur.com/mJ3pT83.png

They want to know which threads are new and which threads they've posted in - without avatars.

I don't want to disable the avatar system entirely - just give an option - probably through an alternative style (ideally through the usercp) - for members to go to the classic icon view.

Is there any easy way to do this?

Would I have to use conditional statements in a separate style?


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The conditionals you will need are already in the thread_list template (template name may be wrong). It's. matter of rewriting the HTML accordingly.