Lack of interest Add Emoji CDN "Extension" option instead of hard-coding .png

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The current version of XF allows us to specify our own CDN location source for emoji images, which is great šŸ‘, but unfortunately the extension used for the image files is hard-coded to be ".png" (resulting in {codepoint}.png).

For those of us playing with SVG images, or for those who might want to use GIF or JPG, it'd be great if there was a companion "emojiSourceExtension" choice along with the existing "emojiSource" option in the ACP. It's easy enough to use SVGs for XF Smilies images and XF Reactions images but not the emoji images.

At the moment, without much ā˜• this week, it looks like it'd be just a matter of touching the "getImageFromShortname" function in EmojiFormatter.php to swap the .png extension to something else.
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