XF 1.5 I would like Recent posts to be the main forum view

We have a forum with a lot of activity and many users want to have Recent post as the default forum view instead of the category view.
What is the best way to solve that?

Naturally we want the category view be a sub menu instead.


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In XF1, you can do a little bit with the "Index Page Route" option, but it's definitely not going to do exactly what you want.

XF2 fully supports this approach though (it's an option).
Thanks. I have that installed. But I cant get it to show the info I want.
Do I have to add/enable a widget on the page as well?


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I have it installed. You just have to set some addon options to show up on firums index and with how many threads visible.
I needed to log out and then in again to get it to show.

Now I get latest posts before the categories and that is probably good enough, but I will try and get it on a separate tab and show that as default.

But I gotten closer to my end goal by this. Thanks.