I would buy XF


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I'd honestly wait. Development has seized on xF and I think we are all waiting to see what happens with the company come January and to see if development resumes then. Pretty stupid to move right now IMO. Yes vb5 is trash (so far), but that doesn't mean you can stick with what you have for at least another year. I wish I had that patience when I moved from vb to ipb...and then again from ipb to xf since xf stopped developing about a month after my move here.


Development isn't "stopped." Development is simply being slowed. And I wouldnt worry too much about the upcoming court case.
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Adam Howard

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If I could move from vB4 I would do so right now especially after experiencing the vB5 demo. The next new site will definitely use XF.
You can :)

There is both a vBulletin 3 and a vBulletin 4 importer. Both of them work flawlessly and smoothly. :)

Should you ever need any help making that switch... I'd be more than willing to help you do so for free (or if you feel better making a small donation, that would do too)


There is till a valid point that the development has slowed to a crawl and the developers have not been here for months. The truth is, for new people coming here, no one here actually knows what's going on and it's confusing/frustrating some of the members.

In saying that, it's quite clear that a 1-2 year old Xenforo is more advanced than the latest offering by IB, so if their latest offer is say 2 years behind (imho) I think you can get a pretty good run with XF before you need to think about moving again.


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I'd still make it again, right now, in a heart beat.
With all the troubles in converting, I would think anyone looking to convert their current board right now should at least have patience to see what happens with the development here, rather than listening to those that think it will continue. What happens if they scrap this whole project in the next few months? Then this guy is going to convert here and then have to find another software to convert to.

But I agree, this is the best on the market right now. If xf falls apart, I'm not going back to IPB...and if vb5 continues on the same path it is on, I won't be moving there (that and with the whole lawsuit issue, I'd hate giving them more money but if it is the best product at the time, I need to do what is best for my site). So that leaves us with paid software that no one really knows about and also the free alternatives which are lagging behind now days. Kind of a sucky position right now. But if I had a board on another product, I'd be playing the waiting game.
I've read your posts in other places/forums, and respect your position, having a big board to run. However, for everybody else it's the opposite case, and right now is pretty much the best time to buy:

You can't base vb5 on a stupid marketing stunt with it not even being close to beta. They just wanted people to see something shiny is all. Was it stupid? Yes. Should you base your whole decision on a crap move by IB? I don't think so. That's why I highly recommend this guy to be patient. If there is nothing wrong with his current site then I'd hold off. I had to move to IPB because my vB was being hacked with that search engine redirect hack that neither vb support or vbseo could figure out why it was happening (I'm not even sure if either team has figured it out because it happened to a lot of other sites, I think I was one of the first). Hindsight, I wish I would have hired someone to figure it out so we could have stuck with vb3.8 and not ever have to deal with IPB :/