XF 2.0 I want to upgrade my site to latest XF


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So, I have a site, running 1.4.2 - fair bit of customization and addons. I don't mind losing every bit of that, but curious how best to upgrade and keep my content and users. Will the upgrade/installation handle everything for me - is it best I first try to revert my site back as close to default installation as possible? (Remove add ins, revert templates etc) or is there some script to export what is important in the db that I can import back?

I am looking around for documentation that answers my questions, but in the meantime, posting here. Any help appreciated!
I am far from an expert on this so someone please correct me if I'm wrong. There is no need to revert templates as 2.0 is completely new and old themes are not compatible. Keep add-ons that you plan on upgrading, if/should an upgrade be available nor or in the future. If you don't mind losing data from those ad-ons feel free to uninstall them. Leaving them in place doesn't matter. They will all be disable and marked as legacy add-ons during the upgrade process.


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Completed successfully. Home page was busted due to index route needing to be changed back to forums/ but, so far so good. Wow it's very different.

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