I need your opinion, your advice


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I still have a forum which has been running on vB3 since 2004. For many years I have only marginally cared for the community and have had a guilty conscience for a long time. The problem is that the forum only has very few regular users and I have never earned a cent with the forum, have never placed advertising or anything like that.
What do you think? Should I give it up, or should I invest a little more money and move it to XF2? What about the Theme? Can it be taken over without any problems? In 2004 I spent a few days with creating. The style is not mine. I took it over from another software and rebuilt it, adapted it for vB3. With my own modifications, of course. Or should I just use the logo and the color selection?

Would you invest ~ $ 400 again for this? It's just a hobby. And actually not even that anymore. But somehow I would not like to give up the forum after such a long time.

I look forward to your honest opinions.


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Forums are like trees. Just because a tree grew somewhere in the past doesn't mean you can just grow a new tree in the location - things change. What I'm saying is the internet has changed and building forum communities is way more difficult from a people standpoint compared to growing something that is still alive, even if it's struggling. Starting over, if you want to start over, is easier said than done.