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I need some help

Fred Sherman

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Both of my daughters are in college. My youngest is a business major specializing in digital media management, the oldest is a psychology major working on a project on how social media can alter group dynamics. My youngest missed out on a chance to have a internship and Disney because she didn't have Linux, HTML or PHP skills. Which brings me to where I need help...

Both are big fans of the EA/Bioware game Dragon Age. (If I'm being honest - all three of us, really). They are about to launch Dragon Age II in 30 days and there is no fan forum outside of the Bioware forum, so I figure its a good opportunity for both of them to work on a project together. The youngest can learn the necessary computer skills and the oldest can promote the site via social media campaigns to see how effective it really is.

What I need help with is to come up with an appropriate style, I understand the mechanics of it, but I can't some up with a color scheme that fits in with the game and is pleasing to the eye. Its just not my gift.

If there is someone that would like to work with them on the style (knowing that I'll be the one covering the bill) who preferably knows something about the game, that would be great. Message me and we can get this going.

And for those of you that have artisitic gifts, words cannot express my admiration for your talents. My attempt at a color scheme made "Gruesome Colors" here look really good!