I need help with a view mere things.

Now, I would like help on the following problems and if you may direct me somewhere with a detailed guide, pictures of some sort, or anything. That would be great!

For, "1" where it has the Tab's and such, I was wondering how I could create my own Tab, like a page type deal with writing, and such then if you scroll to it or something it has a Drop-Down menu of the tabs or something.

For, "2" for some reason the Search bar is weird.
How would I move that down to line it up where the arrow bar has, "Home>Forum" type thing?

For, "3" how would I add new things to the side, like for example add a Ventrilo Tab to show who's on the Vent server or a donation bar or something.

My last question is right now my demoncraftonline.com is not the forum.
I was wondering how to add a portal to the forum then make demoncraftonline.com a part of the whole XenForo thing if that makes sense.

Here is a picture;


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Though couldn't you move the template portion of the search to the top of the sidebar and just push everything down?
I can find out my self how to do the Drop-Down menu, but how do I create another page so I can add it to the drop down?

EDIT: OHH, would I make a new template typa thing like how it is for the side bars?

Like how would I make it say, I wanted to add a new page called, "Web Shop"
In the page I made a text based tutorial and added a video of how to use it.
Then I wanted to add the page Web-Shop to the drop down menu of Guides making it direct me to a link called, "demoncraftonline.com/forum/guides/web-shop"

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Uncheck Display in the node list when editing the page. That will hide it from the list of forums. Then you can create a nav tab to link to the page.