I need a server/XenForo configuration expert please

I have a need for a server/XenForo configuration expert. A serious expert.

I own a Dell R730 server, fully-stuffed with 512 gigs of RAM, 1.2 TB of SSD drive space, dual 12-core CPUs. We're running XF2.1.6 under nginx, using MariaDB, with FastCGI Caching enabled. (We used to have everything in VMs but got rid of them.)

The issue we're having is extremely long response times to render pages. Yet, the logs and analytics show no significant server load. The colo facility has a huge fat data-pipe and the server isn't being throttled. My Admin is not a Xenforo/LAMP expert, so there's a significant probability that various settings are not optimized.

I need a person who is not only a XenForo expert, but who can successfully configure high powered servers for optimum performance. The site is private and not-for-profit, but I can pay market rate for a truly qualified person.

Oh, we have Elasticsearch, Media Manager and Resource Manager installed, though the managers are rarely used (yet). Elasticsearch is in a VM and is probably used regularly.

Please get with me soon.


PS: We imported from vBulletin 4.1 in December. There are 7.6 million posts. The server bogs down at 300 users. My old server could easily handle 600 before lagging under the vBulletin software.
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We've been "looking at configurations" and reading things for months. Nothing attempted has had any real success. Hence my request. I need to bring in someone who knows their sh, er, stuff.
The primary issue was resolved (3 lines of code in the nginx config file - sigh) thanks to a quick note from member @Slavik

However, I still want someone to spin through all the configs and make sure everything is set properly. I'm talking to @MySiteGuy for that.

Thanks everyone for your help!
Here’s the fix:

Server config
Ok, yes I think its because you aren't using H2 connections.

In nginx config find

listen 443 ssl;

replace with

listen 443 ssl http2;
ssl_session_cache shared:SSL:1m;
ssl_session_timeout 1h;
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