XF 1.1 I Just deleted a HOT Thread! How can I get it back?


And yes I chose the option to permanently delete the thread...
I was trying to mass delete a members messages that he removed from the forum.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Delete as in permanently? The second option in this screenshot?


Unfortunately the clue is in the text... Permanent and irreversible.

Your only solution is if you have a recent back up. You could restore the thread from that.

Jake Bunce

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If you had a backup containing that thread then it would be possible to do what Mike said:

Create a second database, import your database backup into it, find the thread and export it, import the thread back into other database

Basically you are isolating the thread and post records for that one thread. Then you export those specific records as a data-only backup and import that backup into the live database. This requires some dexterity but it's doable. Note that this method would not restore joined records (namely attachments).