XF 1.1 I hate you timeouts

The Dark Wizard

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Alright so we are finally moving from our site from the 512 linode at http://www.rpdom.com to a nice Virtual Machine on one of our servers and giving it 4 gigs of ram and the CPU is Intel Xeon E5 1620.

Through out our entire site's history we have had crons that won't properly work because they time out(like the one that checks if a user qualifies from a promotion, due to having too many accounts and such).

Another thing is that in our site once a person gets approved we give them a forum and POSSIBLY 2 subforums at max(we constantly keep changing these policies to archive and delete as many forums as possible while storing the content some where else when that game is no longer active)

So we noticed after a while(It's been like a year and a half) that creating/editing/deleting forums is so bloody irritating, it times out, it takes many tries to get it to finally process and when it does there seems to be duplicates.

I can only imagine from reading and what others told me that the issue comes from not having enough ram and a low php memory limit.

In the new envirnment we are moving the site too, what would be the ideal mysql and php memory limit settings to allow node creation to be processed smoothly(I don't care if it took a while and it was thinking, I just don't want to get errors or timeouts any more).

We currently have 220 nodes. We deleted about 200+ in december(We archive forums but collapse their subforums when they go inactive but still preserve the main forum until the end of the year and then the content of every forum gets renamed to include the game's name some where in the thread title and then all those forums get collapsed into one yearly archive forum.

This is with a really difficult and rigours approval system and a high standard of quality for writing to get a forum for your game(if you game is not approved for a forum then you can have 1-3 threads in a certain area of the site). I guess that shows just how much we have grown, each game possibly has around 10-20 active players.


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We have I think around 170 nodes, but reordering or editing literally is less than 1 second on 7 year old server hardware. There *has* to be something on your server misconfigured somehow.

Maybe not enough memory on server in general and it's doing something dumb like using disk swap as "memory"?

Adam Howard

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Something must be locking things up.... You've got a bottleneck some place if that is happening. You'll know more once you switch host.

(I'm aware that your VPS maybe your own configuration, but I have seen host do funny things to VPS's in such away that you may not be getting all that was advertised and could still be throttled down. So once you're on your own dedicated system, you can better review your settings)