XF 1.3 I Can't modify .pageWidth class in navigation template

Hi Everybody

I don't understand what's wrong, but I can't modify pageWidth class in navigation template

I created a template named own_navigation.css where I have this CSS code:

#navigation .navWidth .withSearch
    margin: 0 12% 0 25%;

In the navigation template I have this template code:

<xen:edithint template="navigation.css" />
<xen:edithint template="own_navigation.css" />

<div id="navigation" class="navWidth {xen:if $canSearch, withSearch}">
    <div class="pageContent">
But I haven't got any good result.

¿What's wrong?


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Remove the space between #navigation and .navWidth

But what exactly are you trying to do?

Can't you just use the default template without adding your own CSS and utilize extra.css:

#navigation.pageWidth { css }