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XF 1.3 How to change navLink to custom value in navigation template?

I'm trying to change an existing navLink to a custom URL but I'm not sure how to do this with the navigation template. I believe it's in "extra tabs:middle", class navLink. I can't use redirects since the redirect is doing something else and the URL on mouseover would be wrong.

Or would this have to be hardcoded in a php file?
All of them - home, members, and forums. I have 2 domains, I'm trying to get all of the navbar links in domain A to point to the other domain B instead of its own domain. I don't think I want to change XenForo_Link because of how the domains are set up. I would like it to be done with a template edit instead of in a php file. I believe if it's done in the php file it would mess up the non-navbar links. I only want the navbar links in A point to the other domain B.

It seems like to do what I want, I would have to manually change the values in a template?

I can change home under options but how do I change members, forums, and their drop down menu links?