XF 1.5 I can't import SMF Forum

Hi, I switched from SMF software to XenForo. I did not have any problems when I transferred the bureaucracy.

However, the posts in my previous forum did not move the file extensions to XenForo.

At least I carried it by hand, but there is a 3 gb file.

That's why I can not move. How can I find a solution to this problem.

Similarly, user avatars were not imported. What should I do?





SMF Database:

Thanks in advance...


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It sounds like you didn't enter the correct attachment paths or custom avatar directories when doing the import. (Or, if you're sure they're correct, XenForo couldn't access them.)

Unfortunately, the only resolution there would be to reinstall and redo the import, confirming that the paths entered are 100% correct.
smf directory = home/osm/public_html
xf directory is= home/osm/public_html/xenforo

My configuration is:
attachments directory is = home/osm/public_html/attachments
avatar directory is = home/osm/public_html/custom_avatar

but smf attachments is hashed

is it true?