XF 2.1 I bought add-ons


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hello I have purchased about 12 add-ons from one guy and he said its all original add-ons

how to check add-ons are original or nulled?

is there anything to check?


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Definitely nulled, just look at the resources... It even says "... nulled by Name of the site you linked".
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I have edited the posts and removed the links to the site as it is dealing with pirated software.

For future reference, I would advise against purchasing add-ons anywhere but this site and developers' official support sites.

I would also suggest you do not install those add-ons, for various reasons.
Unlikely, but you should try and recover your money and purchase them legitimately.


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thanks staff.

I have purchased those add-ons list

Thread Sticky Force Users to Read a Thread plugin
Banner plugin
How many users are viewing plugin
How many uners online plugin
Newest register users plugin
Popular Tags Cloud plugin
Title tag plugin
DragonByte Credits plugin
Moderator Essentials plugin