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XF 1.1 i am on 1.0.4 i want to update

i am on 1.0.4 i wan't two update two 1.1.0

and there file are missing and telling me i can't update of this files

where can i get them file from Screen shot 2011-11-23 at 16.22.21.png



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Upload the files from the upgrade .zip once more.

If it still doesn't work, download a new upgrade .zip. and upload the contents.

If you still have problems use a different FTP application.

Doing a normal upgrade however should resolve that issue as those files will be overwritten.


The .zip will have an upload/ directory, with XenForo files within it.
Your web site has the 1.0.4 file in a certain directory, the content of upload goes inside it. Not upload itself.


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It seems that from the ftp screenshot you uploaded the entire folder /upload into your forum directory. You need to upload the contents that is within the /upload folder into you /forums directory.

overwriting the other content that are already there.. but make sure you DO NOT override the /library/config.php file neither the /data or /internal_data folder


TeamViewer is great. Indeed.
You can also hire XenForo Limited to do the import on your behalf. It's a service they offer.


Yes, but I have no time today to assist anybody with an upgrade. Otherwise you could have hired me to demonstrate how to upload XenForo to an existing site - and to demonstrate which options to think about.