I actually needed to increase the 50000 character limit...


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Why? I just made what might be the longest post I'll ever do on the internet. Solid 28 pages - 12350 words, 70000 characters.

A little backstory:
I'm the CEO of a well known Danish GSP (well known in Denmark, that is). We've always had a very good reputition.
A couple of days ago, someone decided to buy a game server from us. He instantly created 4 tickets, and I found that very suspicous. He ignored everything I said to him. A few days later, he left a review on our TrustPilot page - I won't go into too much detail on how I did this (the buyer used a fake email, fake name, fake phone number, fake paypal account and everything), but I had a suspicion that it might was another GSP from Denmark who was behind this. I contacted their live support, allowed myself to grab his IP and compare it to the one in our database. It was exactly the same. He confessed the whole thing. His partner contacted us the next day and said that they just did it for fun - the one I talked to on live chat said they was planning to give us a bad reputation.

The other dude kept denying, and I ended up busting him in lying several times. He tried to make me keep my mouth shut, but he ended up doing the exact opposite thing - I got furious, and in a final try at stopping me from posting everything online on the Danish forums, he said "ok, do it. People will be able to see that we were just having fun, and you will end up looking desperate".... Desperate? The guy doing fake reviews told me that I seem desperate. Rofl :p

Anyway, I ended up promising some users on my forum that I would do a follow up, explaining how I caught them lying.

People are going bananas about them right now, and I can't wait to see their reaction.


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Do you think I'm an evil *******? :D Haha

I did write a short section at the bottom of my post, going through some of the most important things quickly - and if some find it hard to believe, they can just scroll up couple of miles and see for themselves :p