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steven s

Well-known member
Except that it's being initiated from my local drive.
I use automysqlbackup.sh to back daily backups but the files are to big to email.
So they just sit on my web server.

I downloaded backup-smart trial and trying it out now.

steven s

Well-known member
And $37 dollars seems reasonable ... saves a learning curve for some too ... :) nice
Probably can't put a price on backups.
My backup has been going for 70 minutes so far. I think it's doing a full backup, including databases.
It should come out to be 4.6G gzipped.

steven s

Well-known member
I've been testing this for the past day and it seems to work very well.
This program logs into cPanel and downloads all files/databases.
Only draw back is you need to keep the app open in order for it to run.
I set my backups to run while I sleep.

The only real problem I'm finding is that my main site is too large even to download a backup of files directly from cPanel.
I'm going to need to use subdomains so I can make backups.