http/2 on nginx 1.9.5 without SSL?


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The next nginx 1.9.5 release supports the spdy replacement protocoll http/2.

The new protocoll works with SSL and also without SSL.

It seems the nginx implementation does not support http/2 without SSL?

Jeremy P

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The specification doesn't require it, but as said above, all major browser implementations do (currently), and so does the nginx implementation.

In the coming months will (hopefully) smooth the transition process for those who want to start using SSL (for free).


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But major Browser doesn't support HTTP/2 on port 80/plain http so still you need HTTPS.
what @RoldanLT said SPDY/3.1 and HTTP/2 will require SSL certificate for it to work in web browsers

Centmin Mod LEMP stack's Nginx is HTTP/2 ready :D

Running Nginx HTTP/2 on my forums as is @MattW's forums (both forums are running Centmin Mod LEMP stack) :D

I am also working on Letsencrypt free SSL certificate integration into Centmin Mod LEMP stack's Nginx server :D


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For those people that are already on http/2 I have a few questions.

Do you see googlebot using http/2 ? Is far as I know it's only 1.1
Google pagespeed is only reporting the speed from http 1.1? Or do you see the difference in webmaster tools?
The pagespeed probably goes up because you have to remove spdy to get http/2. Unless they use http/2.

I'm also interested in how much http/2 vs http/1.1 traffic you have. (bots excluded)
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