XF 1.5 HTML5 player(Chrome)


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Google is announce to stop provide support for adobe flash player in chrome browser, so till february 2017 adobe is past in chrome.

How to Xenforo run on it?

Tracy Perry

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Version 1.0.3 has bugs which illustrates why official support is needed.We encounter all kinds of conflicts between it and other addons.
A message from the developer of the most recent version:
That can happen on any add-on though, and I honestly don't blame him on his response since it's a "dead-end" once XF2 comes out. It works fine on my site with no issues, so it will be add-on dependent and if one can use it without interference, then it is currently available.
Hopefully they crew will port their XF2 uploader over into the 1.x line for those that cannot upgrade at release time.

Chris D

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Just to be clear, in Chrome and Edge it becomes "click to run" and it isn't "blocked" as such.


Seeing as there is an "Always allow" option here, it seems like the Flash uploader will carry on functioning, and do so without continuous prompting, as long as you always allow it.


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I thought I remembered reading that was the first step of phasing it out and there were plans in the near future to completely block it from running?
It's true that Google will end support from Flash from February 2017. However it won't have completely removed it, it'll still be there but it'll be disabled.

However, note that Google is ending support for Flash in Chrome. It began this chore back in September 2016 with Chrome 53, and by February 2017 when Chrome 56 rolls out by default Flash will be disabled for all users. You'll need to manually enable Flash if you wish to use it.

For those who do wish to use Flash the need to enable it every time will be a nuisance, but that is Google's plan as it encourages the use of HTML5 over Flash. Not only is Flash notorious for its security vulnerabilities, but it is today used primarily behind the scenes for things like analytics that serve only to slow down users.


From today, one percent of users of Chrome 55, the latest stable release of Google's browser, will find Flash content automatically disabled. Providing this test roll-out, which is joined by 50 percent of users trialling Chrome 56 Beta, is successful, Google's plan is to enable HTML5 by Default as standard in the stable release of Chrome 56 in February 2017.

'Starting in January users will be prompted to run Flash on a site-by-site basis for sites that they have never visited before. We want to avoid over-prompting users, so over time we’ll tighten this restriction using Site Engagement Index, a heuristic for how much a user interacts with a site based on their browsing activity. In October all sites will require user permission to run Flash,' explained Deily. 'As sites transition from Flash to HTML5, this change will no longer affect them and the entire web will become faster, more secure and power-efficient.'