XF 2.1 Html5 font awesome code class


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When I would like to add a fab fa-html5 font awesome code to BB code button manager it is not display on ACP editor.


I've tried fab fa-html5 , fa-html5 and html5.


I think it should be,
<i class="fab fa-html5"></i>

As you see below;
.fab has already included. core_fa.less Public template.


Icon has already display in message editor on forum!

What's wrong or is that a template bug?


Chris D

XenForo developer
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I cannot speak for why you are experiencing this, but in my testing using fab fa-html5 works as expected and produces the correct class names.

I think there may have been a relevant bug fix with XF 2.1.6 so it might be worth doing a file health check (and double checking that you did actually test after you upgraded).