XF 1.2 HTML in node titles???

Matthew Hawley

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Okay so I put this in the node title:

And got this:

So I went to node_forum_level_2 and found:
inside of:
<h3 class="nodeTitle"><xen:if is="{$watchCheckBoxName}"><input type="checkbox" name="{$watchCheckBoxName}" value="{$forum.node_id}" />&nbsp;</xen:if><a href="{xen:link forums, $forum}" data-description="{xen:if @nodeListDescriptionTooltips, '#nodeDescription-{$forum.node_id}'}">{$forum.title}</a></h3>
So i changed the forum.title thing to:

{xen:raw $forum.title}
And got this:

Now its all good to go! BUT, now I get this in the forum breadcrumb.

Also I need to be able to put more characters in the node title.


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You'll need to make the same change everywhere a node title is used.

Adding more than 50 characters requires several code edits and is not advisable.