XF 1.5 How Xenforo sends Bulk emails ?


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Hi All,

Can anyone explain / point me to the resource that explains XenForo Bulk Email sending procedure ?

vBulletin / IPB has an option of howmany emails to send per cycle. (Lets say, 100 emails per cycle).

In Xenforo, the emails are being sent much faster (1,000+ emails completed in a minute).

But I don't see any option to define/control howmany emails to send per cycle or per minute ?


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XenForo will send the emails immediately. It will process however many it can in a specific time frame, so there's no "per page" control.

If you're using PHP's default mail system, this is really just handing the mails over to your server's MTA (Postfix, etc). That will then have its own queuing and sending systems.