How would I move these down to the navbar?


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For some reason when our theme was migrated over, the user-drop down, alerts, inbox, and log out(not sure what the official name is yet) was put in the pageContent div, and non-moderators can't see that so they can't log out etc.

This image explains it so much better than my words possibly can lol:

I want to put it on the navbar, where it usually is, can someone help me do it?


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Who did your custom style for you?
You should contact the author as it will involve template edits.

Probably moving code from the moderator_bar template back to the navigation_visitor_tab template.


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I don't mind doing the template edits myself, I just don't know what part to move to the navigation template unfortunately.

I presumed it would be quite a simple template edit, so I didn't really want to wait for the author to reply.


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Also, I don't mind keeping it there, but I need to know how to let regular users see the moderator bar, without them seeing the "moderation queue" etc.