How to work Route Filters?


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I have my XF installed in on my web server in a folder called Community. When I create nodes (aka forums) my url for those forums become

I'm trying to use Route Filters to get rid of the "forums". But of the combinations I've tried thus far it doesn't appear to be working.

Any suggestions?


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Thanks for the PM Pixels, even if it doesn't do what I'm trying. Hopefully once 1.2 goes gold XF will update their manual to include more information about this feature.


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You can't remove route prefixes in general - you need to do it on a per page basis.

forums/{forum}/ -> {forum}/ isn't allowed for example (if you think about it, it would then translate threads/123/ to forums/threads/123/ as it matches the wildcard). However, you can do forums/node-name/ -> node-name/ as that doesn't create an ambiguity.