XF 2.2 how to upload images to a hosting website


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Hey everyone, I have a question, some forums make you upload a picture to an image hosting website instead of the forum hosting. how can I do that? for example xenforo community doesn't do that they let you upload a picture direct to the forum hosting but for me it will be expensive and will use a lot of resources, please any help? thank you.
how can I do that?
You can just disable attachments for all usergroups. This way no attachments can be made so users can't upload pictures.
I presume that is what you mean?
And then point them to an external image host for posting their images.

Be aware of the previous reply, indeed ownership and control is then given up and it will happen that at a certain time the images will not be displayed anymore.
Is there any way to achieve this easily? Like with a button, or something else easy for our users to use?

I know this thing about ownership, but I really don't care. It's in most cases just very low value images that have temporary value, so why to waste space on them?
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