XF 1.5 How to update prefixes of threads


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I registered 11 feeds and they sent more that 1000 threads with "PREFIX1" to FORUM1.
Now U change the Prefix of each feed and new thread are sending with special prefix of each feed.

But how I can update the feeds prefixes that are sent? They are all in one forum and 11 different prefixes and I can't batch update them. Any opinion will be appreciated.



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I created 11 new prefixes and set each for its feed (in Title Template). And now new feeds are sending with new prefixes.
But I don't have any option in batch update thread to update them. Because they are all sent by USER1 in FORUM1 with PREFIX1. (Although their feeds are different).
I searched with batch update threads and it found 1241 threads, then I pressed update threads but nothing changed. (how I can filter threads by special feed in order to change their prefix?)