How to start a successful (or failing) Blog in 2013!


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I have decided to blog on the startup of my new hobby site...just in case it helps anyone who is attempting to create a new "content" web site from scratch...

This is a hobby site, so "success" will be measured in usefulness and in number of pages read...I have very limited desire to monetize, although I would not be adverse to financing my new hobby (quadcopters) or getting back the original investment(s) in the startup.

The site, as you may see, will contain a XF forum but getting enough visitors and members in order to achieve critical mass will be a challenge! But, heck, you will be able to read all about it soon. You can follow me at twitter @cissod if you want to be informed when more updates to this - and to the drone blog - are published.

Part #1
Part #2

Newbies and others are welcome to ask questions in this thread...

In general, I think it is much harder to start a site these days as opposed to at the start of the net - because the space is so vast and there is so much good content, that getting visitors can be difficult. I am looking at this as a learning to the state-of-the-net in 2013!
Best of luck on your new adventure. Personally, starting a new site is like opening a five-n-dime next to a Walmart superstore. Hopefully that doesn't sound like a downer but more of a opportunity to shine.
You are 100% correct - it's very different from the original "land grab" when there were few developed properties.

I think I have to find a tiny niche and go with it - in my case, it is appeal to the newbie and regular consumer who is intimidated by the long-term large hobby sites which will answer a newbie question like this:

"I had similar trouble with the new PPM support. Used the Naza with a Turnigy 9x + ER9 firmware and the DragonLink tx/rx. I had crashes when calibrating the transmitter with the Naza Assistant and while I could fly (with all 7 channels working), I experience some strange behavior especially in GPSATTI mode. So I went back to the traditional mode and now everything just works fine.
Not sure if this is due to Naza's PPM support or the TXER9 + Dragonlink"

My site is gonna be more like plain english and consumer products....
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