XF 1.5 How to sell multiple files in resource manager


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I want to purchase Resource manager (or any other system like that), but its needed to be able to upload more than one file in one resource, and when the user pay, he/she become able to download all of them from resource page.

Is it possible in resource manager? if yes, how and if no, is there any way or any other add-on to do it?

Only a single file can be attached to a resource.
You could do it as a .zip file.
Yeah but sometimes there are some files that are 1GB or ... , and we (or users) want to upload them in different small size files to be easy to download.
One idea that came to my mind is to upload each part as a new update and name the version appropriate to be clear. But if it was possible to do it directly, it would be great.
What a nice add-on, but still need some work it seems.
Thanks for your suggestion. Maybe one day I use it.

Any opinion on how to reach my goal will be appreciated.
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