How to see who voted as admin?

Andy Huang

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If we don't check the "Display votes publicly" check box, is there a way to see who voted as admin/mod? I can't seem to find a link in my last 10 minutes of searching...


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I looked around for a while myself and never found an option for this, but what you can do if you are really eager to see, is go to your database and look in I believe the table is xf_pollvote and it will give you the id of the user and the option they selected with a little bit of looking through it.


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In my opinion I think the current way of doing it is a better way. If a poll is private then it should be private and if it's public, it's public. Yes I know it can be found in the database for the admin that *really* wants to know, but I think if it's a private poll it *should* be private.

Just my opinion.

I think administrators should have this ability without having to log in to the database and pick through tables.
I look at anything that forces me to do that as a 'flaw', it shouldn't be necessary.