Poll add-on - so admin can see who has voted for which option


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Two suggestions:

1) For a simple (presumably) tweak so admin can actually see which members have chosen which poll selection. At present this doesn't seem possible.

Reason: The poll is very good for photo competitions. Each option is a competition entry - members just tick their preferred photo. Poll shows the results after voting has ended. BUT. Members are not allowed to vote for their own entry. And there is no way of checking this if admin cannot see who has voted for who.

2) So admin can remove a vote from a poll selection (same reason as above).
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Tracy Perry

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Instead of trying to shoehorn a default feature into something you want more control over, mayhap you need a competitions add-on developed that meets your specific requirement.
I personally see NO point in not allowing persons to vote for themself. Happens ALL the time IRL. As well as "getting friends to join/vote for you" and using multiple email accounts to enter contests (even when the rules prohibit it - it usually only gets caught AFTER the contest is completed - if then).

I'm just having admin frustration about wanting more control over the way the poll works!

Why? Polls were never designed to be used as competition format, one of the reasons being exactly what you are complaining about.


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Well if there was more choice in competition addons I wouldn’t be using the poll. So anyone fancy making a competition addon that looks like the poll?!

The poll is good for voting - a tick in a box. Bit if there’s a rule you can’t vote for yourself then admin needs to be able to enforce that.