How to reuse ACP Variables in Templates?


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I want to setup my adsystem in ACP like

Rectangle html code: ..................... ($var1)
Superbanner html code: ............... ($var2)

Now how could I use these code in my templates in the most elegant way? Is there something like {raw:acp $var1} ?

Chris D

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You might need to start again on this one...

What is $var1 and where is it set? How is it set? What does it contain?
Is it in an option? What do you mean by "ACP variable"? Style property?

What templates? Public templates?


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Yes, I want to set an acp option in admin.php?options

(___ means the admin can enter one text string here)


The templates would be public templates, as my advertisements would be displayed to the public.

Is there an option to display acp variables within templates? It would be most elegant.


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Thank you so much. Unbelievable, I thought there should not be a way to directly display the variable value within templates. I am so happy you helped me here. Thanks!