XF 1.4 How to reset multiple phrases


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I've a language schema like this:

English (US) (this is the default language)
Italiano Master (this is our master language containing the default version of the italian language used for upgrading the language file versions after versions)
--> Italiano (Child of Italiano Master language and this is our customized version of the italian default language).

Normally I import new versions of the language overriding Italiano Master, so I can retain my customized phrases in Italiano language, but yesterday I made a mistake importing a new language in Italiano.

How can I reset the phrases contained in Italiano all at once?
Maybe with a MySql query or something else?

Thanks in advance


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The easiest option would be to export the language and simply remove everything from the XML that's inside the <language> tag (leaving just the empty outer language tag). Then import that over top the existing language.