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XF 1.2 How to replace test data with live

Hi folks,

I've been evaluating XF for a couple of weeks now on a test server and I like it very much so have decided to replace our vB4/vbSEO system.

The test server will become our new server (we're switching hosting) and when trialling XF I took a copy of my vB data to play with.

In a couple of weeks time we want to move over so can anyone advise the best way to replace our test data with the live?


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You should install a brand new XF with an empty database, import your vb4 forum and apply your style and your add-ons from the test installation (after you exported them from there).
Thanks for the replies. Of course, I didn't read the instructions fully in the beginning so I didn't take a copy of the empty db so I'll do a clean install.