XF 2.2 How to rename root breadcrumb?


The navigation tab for my forums home page is titled "Home". This causes my root breadcrumb to also say "home". But, I want my root breadcrumb to say "Forums". How do I change the root breadcrumb to say "forums" while keeping the navigation tab as "Home"?
In ACP you can change the root breadcrumd from Home to Forums
ACP >> Basics settings >> Basics options >> Breadcrumb root
Thanks, but I'm not finding this...

I don't see a "basic setting". I do find a "Basic options" under "Setup>>Options>>Basic Options". But, the only choices for the root breadcrumbs are a list of my navigation items...
Setup - Public navigation?

There you can change names.

And in route filters you can change links, to suit your needs.

I'm not sure what exactly you want to achieve, because you can use forums as your root, not home, in settings. But, if you want to have more freedom, you have these options.
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