How to remove link to banned members


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Hey there,

maybe you can help me with my problem. I would like to remove / change the link to a member profile on banned members. Maybe there is a way with a template condition in message_user_info? Hope i can handle it without an addon. ;)

Thanks a lot for your help



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Hi Brogan (welcome back ;)),

i want to hide the profile (link) from google, since google still can see the link but is not be able to view the profile. ;) That's why i want to remove the link.


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Do you want Google to index profiles of other members?
If not you could amend your robots.txt file and then request removal of the banned members from Google's index.

Otherwise you should be able to set the privacy of those banned members to Members Only and then request Google to remove the links.

For example, here I have my profile privacy set to All Visitors so it is available in Google; on my own site however I have it set to Members Only and have this in robots.txt Disallow: /community/members/ so it does not appear.


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Yes, i would like to get my profiles indexed.

You mean I should send a request to google every time I ban a member? The problem is, if a ban a member with a couple of hundred posts, the the profile is linked a lot of times. So it would be great if the banned profile won't be linked to anymore.

Right now my google webmaster tools are complaining about 750 profiles who can't be index anymore (but are still linked in all the posts).

I hope you know what I mean. ;)