XF 1.4 How to remove language option?


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Yes, you can edit the template and remove it, or hide it using CSS.

Why do you want to remove/hide it if you aren't going to make the language selectable?
I think better question would be why xenforo didnt add disable option if its only 1 language (or maybe more it doesnt matter).

To answer your question its stupid too see language chooser if there is only 1 language..


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You would need to delete the language, there are no options related to disabling.
What happens if I delete English language but have still some English addons which are not translated yet? Will they display the text properly, will I get errors? Can I "undo" the deletion of the English language?


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There's a hidden master language that you can't access. That's why when you create a new (top level) language with no translations, everything is English. So you'll be fine with that.