how to remove ddos attack

What kind of service are you on (shared, VPS, Dedicated server)? Your best option would be to reach out to your hosting provider and see if they are able to assist you at all. If the attacks are ongoing and your provider does not offer DDoS protection / services in any way, they might end up requesting you find a new provider so don't ignore it -- reach out to them.


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Why would anyone ddos a site that receives just handful of visitors a month and has 600 messages? Its probably not a ddos.


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why are you talking ******** for 1 the site is not a hacking base 2 i dont deface sites and i dont even hack why are we bringing this topic up again
Let's just knock this discussion on the head. It was a responsive comment to a relevant question and does relate to the way you have presented yourself and your site. Take it privately if you want to discuss it further.