XF 1.4 How to Remove Ads (without showing subscriber banner)


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I've configured my subscriber accounts to have an Ad free environment, and in doing so they also display a banner on their tile saying 'Subscriber'.

I've a request in from someone who wants to subscribe (and get the ad free experience), but not display the banner.

Is there a way to allow that person to 'opt out' of displaying the banner?

The other solution I can think of is to create a new usergroup called 'ad free' and add him to that, and adjust all the ad codes accordingly, it seems excessive...


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There isn't a way to not show the banner other than not putting the user in that group. You could theoretically separate the permissions and the banner into separate user groups and add both when someone purchases the upgrade. (This will not change things for existing purchasers though; bear in mind that adding the user group manually means it may not be removed if the upgrade expires.)