How to rebuild thumbnails on CLI mode?


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With this stats on my Gallery:
Categories: 27
Albums: 329
Uploaded Media: 1,449
Embedded Media: 9,017
Embedded Media: 9,017, really matters.
As 90% of that embedded media are from youtube.

And it takes very long to rebuild my thumbnail :(
Roughly 6-8 hours for that only.
and a lot of timeout errors I encounter, PHP max_execution, Nginx 504 bad gateway and Mysql Gone away errors :(

I even raise up PHP and Nginx limits, but still I encounter some error Mysql Gone Away.
A CLI mode based rebuild would be great.


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You should probably increase your MySQL wait_timeout - I probably wouldn't suggest anything less than 120. I would note that a CLI script isn't going to resolve that issue; it would just avoid the Nginx timeout.

Otherwise, a CLI script would need to be custom developed.


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my.cnf already have: wait_timeout = 120

Maybe rebuilding thumbnails grab images one by one from youtube?
That's why it's very slow :(