XF 2.2 How to rebuild tag URL?



Recently I have done some massive database changes for the Tag URLs. I am still seeing old tag URLs inside the thread.

Is there any way I can rebuild all the tags along with their new URLs?

What do you mean by database changes?
Did you manually alter the data?

Tags should be managed via the UI in the ACP at /admin.php?tags/.
I have updated the URL structure using the XF importer but somehow it is showing the previous tag URL. I just need to rebuild the tag cache. From where I can do it?
I don't really understand exactly what you're suggesting you've done. If you manage tags via the UI at the location mentioned, then it will handle what you need for you.

If you're doing something distinct, you'll need to write custom code to potentially handle cache updates. At best, I could point you to the TagRecache job, but you'll need to write whatever code is necessary to trigger that for your needs.
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