XF 1.4 How to phrase template?


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how can I phrase this?

  <a href="http://MyForum.com/watched/threads/all/">Watched Threads</a><br>
  <a href="http://MyForum.com/account/likes">Likes Received</a><br>
In one custom template of mine I have this code and it works fine. It shows those links. But how can I phrase this (with html) so when the default language of my forum changes, that the names "Watched Threads, Likes Received" change, too?

Of course I have already installed another language and those key words are phrased. So in their default places the language change works. But this code is from a custom template.

Any ideas?


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Thanks @AndyB

  <a href="http://MyForum.com/watched/threads/all/">{xen:phrase watched_threads}</a><br>
  <a href="http://MyForum.com/account/likes">{xen:phrase likes_received}</a><br>


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For reference, if you don't know what the phrase title is (e.g., if the phrase title were different from the phrase text, such as your_watched_threads), do a search for the phrase text and you'll find it.

But yeah, it's always best to use phrases rather than hard-coded text.


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Yeah, good tip, I do that. Thanks.
My problem was this part:
{xen:phrase ...}
I tried that before but it didn't work because I didn't know that I have to use brackets. So I thought this can't be the solution because it looks so simple.
But actually it was really as simple as that, just I had to use brackets. Thanks Andy who helped me out.