How to move Forum to Subdomain?


I've been searching for days, and the avaialble threads don't seem to answer everything that is needed to make the switch.

Right now my Board URL is

I want it to be

The reason for this is because when viewing the forum list it has forums/forums/

I have the subdomain already setup with my host, but when I try changing the Board URL under options to the subdomain, it doesn't do anything and continues to load at


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The board URL is primarily for links in emails and the logo.

Which URL are you loading in your browser?


As I mentioned I already have a subdomain created with my host. Not sure how to move the server files over as the "forums" folder is already in my base directory.


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If you navigate to do you see your XenForo installation?


Hmm, I think the issue is the redirect from Bluehost isn't saving properly for some reason, even though it says it is created.