XF 1.5 How to Move All Usergroup A to Usergroup B


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So my XF board is a result of importing from VB.

When successfully turn my VBulletin board to XF, all of our existing users are located in a usergroup named 'Registered users'. All new member that signed up after we move to XF will be located to usergroup 'Registered'.

At first it was confusing me. Why does it have 2 similar usergroups, and then I realize that :D

Now I assume there is a simple way to move all the members in 'Registered users' group to 'Registered' one?

It will be such a delightful to have only one usergroup for registered users, and we can do promotion further.

Also, after we move all of the users to the 'Registered' as they should be, how to delete the 'Registered users' (the unused usergroup)?

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