How to modify Xenforo pages



I would like to start a new website and i want to have the below features. Can anyone kindly suggest me on how to modify the pages and add the belwo features in the forum. it can be mods or template modifications

1. How to add the Hyper Links in the footer page
2. I have a video hosting script. I want to host few videos over there and want to post the video embeded link in a videos section in forums. how can i do this ?
Can i just copy the video embeded link and post in the forum as [video]embeded link[/video] or is there any other format
3. how to add Hyperlinks in header
4. I wan to add something like the below image in profiles of the posts. how can i do that is this any mod like points mod or anything ?

5. I have Chevereto imagehosting script and hosted in another site. In every thread can i make users to upload images directly to the imagehosting site and then image should be displayed in the forum. can this be done ?
6. Is there any Awards mod ( preferably Free)
7. How do i add a specific announcement in every section on top of the page ( it should not be pinned topic. but should be on top of the section)
8. I need a Shoutbox and personal chat module. is there anything available for Xenforo ?

These are many questions. All these days i used to have vbulletin. Recently i moved to Xenforo. I need help in starting for building a site